Sunday, July 15, 2012

so called 'teacher'

alhamdulillah im currently in my semester break until september. since i hate staying at home doing nothing, at last my friend asked me to join him to be a tuition teacher until september. since it is a good chance for me, i take it as a challenge. im gonna be an english teacher for UPSR students. they also asked us to teach pmr students, but we dont think we can make it!

just finished my class in this two weeks and it is really AWESOME to be a teacher. lots of challenges in handling the students and the class. with lots of patience, i managed it well.

hope im doing it will till the end of my class and surely i'll miss the moments to be with them.
i really hope they get something from my class and not coming just for fun...

belajar kerana Allah ye adik-adik.

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