Monday, February 15, 2010

TEKAM camp

3 days at tekam.
english camp.
my group.n im be the asstnt leader.
tired dowh.
but its fun.
we had line dance,caving rafting,singing.
yeh.its really an enjoyable trip.

FELC lyfe!!

cant imagine my life now.
im so hepi lah.
at least i do something benefit.
x de la stay at home.
did nothing.
now,im taking english course at FELC.
for 3 months.
grammar,essay,public speaking n reading.
4 classes.
reading: with madame wan.mmg ngantok class ni.
             but im enjoy myself.
essay:class dat i hate the most.ngantok fers mmg x fhm pe yg die ckp.mat saleh la
         last i love his class because score highest marks in essay.92!!!wow..
grammar:miss hazirah class-dok blkg.maen jela kje.+ boys yg gle sume.adoiy.tension tol dok blakang
              mr.wee-bes dowh klas usual,dok blakang.em,maen jela
public speaking:dgn madame maznah.wah,klas yg plg sume org takut.kne buat public speaking.
                       even its not my probs but,still la.malu:)

conclusion:BEST SANGAT...