Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the end of 2nd semester

assalamulaikum wbt.
alhamdulillah im done with classes and assignments for this semester.tomorrow will be heading home for study week.OK sangat tak sabar untuk berada di rumah. gonna study hard for the final since my carry marks is not that good in certain subjects. hope to get better grade this semester.

hopefully i will enjoy my holidays and study little bit hard at home (?). to my lecturers, friends, family thank you so much for helping me throughout this semester. really hope that you guys will pray for me in my final.
true deep in my heart, lot of memories in this semester especially with friends and lecturers that i'll never forget.enjoyed myself in every single class especially phonetics and phonology class. for sure i'll miss this class a lot.
enjoying myself doing the map ^.^