Wednesday, December 14, 2011

im not giving up


first all all,yeah this week really make me is a really hectic week ever with lots of presentation and all.but i have to face all that so that i can fulfil all the course assessment. sometimes i felt like giving up in my life.there's lots of thing that i dont like to do but for the seek of study... I HAVE TO. macam x ikhlas kan?but it is the truth. even i still miss all the moment in uitm

the best thing here is i love my friends and im not ready to leave them. even i dont like the course because of certain subject and the environment here but in certain situation i can put my heart here. because of my friends is really awesome. the final is just around the corner and sem 1 will be ended soon. at LAST i managed to survive here almost 4 months. alhamdulillah :)

the most challenging moment is when i know that i dont get the interview to further my study in B.Ed TESL in shah the one who ask them to send all their certificates to shah alam. im the first one that applied the intake but they are the one who got the offer for the interview. i was like giving up with my life over again because im put so much effort and hope to get the offer. but rezeki semua di tangan yang maha berkuasa. mungkin ade hikmah di sebalik semua yang berlaku. siapalah kita untuk tolak qodo dan qadar ALLAH. alhamdulillah i can accept those yang dapat, go and grab the chance because u know the benefits of being there. let me just stay here and go on with my will try my best here.

 i know i can do it :)