Saturday, January 2, 2010


lots of experience this year.
everything left..
here 2010 come.
bye2 2009.
lots of story.


i am sadenned when i read about how unhappy peoples lives are, and i hate it when they feel there is no way to change their situation. i wish people had more hope and drive to make their own life better. i wish i could hug everyone whos unhappy and maybe it would make them feel a little better knowing somebody cares.  i also wish their sadness didnt sometimes turn into hatred. i think its that hatred that makes it so hard to for them to be happy. we should all just smile and be happy we are alive;  focus on the things we have instead of what we dont have or what we want. we should all try to be happy for our own sake.

sometime not everytinhg that we want we can get.
not ALL.
im hoping that i can get everything..
but im wrong.
yah.sometime kita x penah nak appreciate what we have.
im always keep on remind myself about this.
but melayu kan mudah lupe.
fers,im regret because not 100% focus on my study this year.
im a spm candidate.
study hard n smart.
but im failed to do that.
tu lah things that i regret the most.
2 all people around,dont do the same mistakes like me.
plan everything earlier.
to my friends yg give me the support,tq so much.
criusly,i need that.
esp,tyme result trials keluar.
i really down.sumpah.
but with all the support,i not give up yet.
until la spm.yes,im really work hard.
may Allah bless.
then,i regret to be myself.
buat decision without thinking.
2 times.
not everything that we want,w can get.
that is the fact.
friends yg always be by my side.ily.
gave myself da 2nd chance,is not right.
last2,diri sendiri kena balik.
its really hurts me.
no.i cant forget that.
i can forgive but not forget.
im sowry.
next,really sad bila kena tinggalkan my beloved batch.
share everything.
2 my batch,i'll never forget all the memories.
thanks so much 2 lindotte,meenie,leasa n all.


even banyak sangat benda yang menyedihkan
but there still thing that can make me smile.
yah,i really enjoy my year.

final orches.

koop tersayang



bdk2 nakal..