Wednesday, November 25, 2009

tmrow raye!

its da tyme now to really2 "BERKORBAN"
scrfce my tyme n myself 2 spm.
nak sgt 10A.
sometyme thinking dat its treally hard.
it not possibele 2 get it.
dengan doa,bleh kot.INSYAALAH>
goes 2 every1,sowry fi ade terksar bhs or anythg.
plis halalkn evry sngle.thing.
slamat ari rye.
hope dat kte bleh bwt scrfc yg lg besar in da nxt cmg days.


spm 09'

10a + achiever

my heart

something to tell.
i hve been wif him about 2 months.
its always da same.
on at starting point.
i'll never trust people name 'BOY"
its enough 4 me 2 be hurt.
i dont wnt 2 repeat da same thing in my lyfe.
thanks 4 gave me a lesson 4 dat.
hope i'll success in lyfe without 'It"...

spm larh

da abis 6 paper.
4 mpre to go..
x sbr nak ssh la add math.
hope graph trn la.