Saturday, November 13, 2010


alhamdulillah im done with muet.
hope it will be my first and last.
reading-it is a tough paper.but their words is not that difficult to understand.
i just can pray as it carry lots of marks.i did my best.
writing-yeah.the first part is seems to be is similiar to the past year paper.
thank God i read that before.but saya hanya mampu berserah.Allah itu maha adil.
setiap usaha akan dibalas setimpal dengan nya.ok??so dont give up.pray hard my friends.
part 1 is confusing.the question is about arranged you agree?
honestly,im not agree with teenagers of course we want the freedom to choose our own lover.
but in the essay i agree with the topic,as it gave me more points.
listening-it was no comment.telinga pun x bape nak ok.
but alhamdulillah im cnfdnt with the objective part.
the other parts is tough.thanks God the radio produced good sound.
it is clear and i cant understood the text.
then,hantar la paper last.
tepat jam 12.30 p.m paper muet abis.
hanya mampu untuk berdoa.
saya mahu kan band 4 to get into B.Ed tesl.
tolang doakan saya eh kawan.
insyaallah allah akan membalas doa anda dengan kebaikan.