Saturday, June 6, 2009

just the end.

end of love.
end of everything.
i dont know what to say.
its over.
only about 5 months.
xde rezeki.
i really hepi with u.tq sgt.
it takes time to forget everything.
im a girl with my words.
sometime u x sedar pe yang u buat.
i faham ur situation n i accept.
hope kita ada happy life after this
i doakan u happy with ur life without me
i x promise boleh contact u macam dulu.
semua benda dah change
n kita pun kena la ikut.
its over................

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

sabah trip..

3 days kat sbah.
really enjoy life kat sana.
pergi under koop.
thanks koop.
belanja banyak .for friends,family n he.
but something happend there.
dont know why.?????
hope dis memory will last forever.
love sabah....