Sunday, March 6, 2011

it just tomorrow:)

wah.dah lama x post.tak ada masa nak tulis something.
but hari ni sementara tunggu  group dibah nak practice,
memang terbaik lah untuk aku tulis blog ni.
ok tomorrow is our final will be 50% for final mark.
yes drama memang penting sebab kami tak ada final exam untuk subjek yag cukup relax ni.
hmm.memang nervous every time nak masuk kelas drama.
kena la pula acting in front of other.
YES.TOMORROW is our final day.
i'll miss all the moment with my groupmates.
im sorry for all my wrong and please enjoy the drama tomorrow.
just do our best and tak yah la tension.

ok2.just want to introduce my crazy groupmates.

 ok.this is amirul dz aka boo.
goodluck tomorrow.
do your best as metally-retarded man!!

 this is pipah acting as paparazi. of luck.
and i know that you can do the best
 hmm.this is azim.
acting as papa in the past.
yeah.i know that you can do the best.
show your own style...
 syamira aka baby ira (nama pggilan alpacino la)
be as childish as you can.
hmm acting as Anna
you're our main.
do your best dear.
 ecah (sama lah nama dengan aku ni)
as little girl.
we work for the other group as technician with me
as security guard and little girl's father
aya hikari.hehe
as newsperson..

i'll miss all the moment