Friday, September 25, 2009

giving 2nd chance.

im giving myself a 2nd chance.
i allow myself 2 open my heart back.
mlekan idop baru.
2 prinsip 4 now.
?????btl ke.
sometym,kte kne lpekan yg lme.
now,again i acpt some1 in my lyfe.
hope we can have hepi lyfe.
i promiz to be da best.
im trying 2 frgt bowt da past.
i hope u can help me.
but,study come fers tau.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

syster forever!

today is da tyme my sys nk fly.
at las dye pegi jgk.
n all her dream cms true.
im hepi 4 dat.
she got 5a in upsr,8a in pmr,11a in spm.
she wrk hard d dsrv it.
im pray 4 u.
u're going 2 uk.
n nobdy ere wif me.
2 hear my probs. las u pege bcos of 1 reason
i nak tgj u brjye sys.
pray 4 my spm jagk.
insyaalllah i'll try my bes.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

my bufday.

my birthday..
mak and ayah tq sangat.
thanz sebab didik and jaga until now.
im already 17.
dah matured now.
my friends tq 4 the wishes and gift.
really appreciate that
next year x kan dapat cam ni da.