Monday, February 15, 2010

FELC lyfe!!

cant imagine my life now.
im so hepi lah.
at least i do something benefit.
x de la stay at home.
did nothing.
now,im taking english course at FELC.
for 3 months.
grammar,essay,public speaking n reading.
4 classes.
reading: with madame wan.mmg ngantok class ni.
             but im enjoy myself.
essay:class dat i hate the most.ngantok fers mmg x fhm pe yg die ckp.mat saleh la
         last i love his class because score highest marks in essay.92!!!wow..
grammar:miss hazirah class-dok blkg.maen jela kje.+ boys yg gle sume.adoiy.tension tol dok blakang
              mr.wee-bes dowh klas usual,dok blakang.em,maen jela
public speaking:dgn madame maznah.wah,klas yg plg sume org takut.kne buat public speaking.
                       even its not my probs but,still la.malu:)

conclusion:BEST SANGAT...

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