Friday, May 25, 2012

hospital programme

the end of the works for this week.the most hectic week ever.i felt the same during last semester :(
whatever they are, take them as challenges that make me stronger. got a few more task need to be settle this semester then goes my holidays.

yesterday i got HOSPITAL PROGRAMME for kids in Hospital Kuala Terengganu.this week was our turn and we need to plan everything from a-z on what we gonna do with those kids. they are not well thus the activities should be suitable to them.and finally we managed to come out with a plan after a few conflict happened. again take them as challenges.

after all, it was a success when we done with the whole plan in a right time. it is not a simple task to do with those kids. some of them are passive so we need backup plan for them. some of them got those wires with them so they cant move a lot. really pity them. they are kids and they cannot be the same as the kids outside whose can play anything that they want. let's us pray for them so that they will get well soon :)

the best teachers ever :)

it was a good experience to us.lots of thing i learn from this task and hope to see you again in the future adik-adik!

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