Wednesday, November 30, 2011

update update update :)


it has been about a month im not updating my blog.kind of busy with few thing in this new place to me. life sometimes getting better and sometimes my the journey of my life becoming worse due to several problems that i cant handle with myself.

ARGHHHH.sometimes i fell like giving up with my life. crying all the times because of my new life. until now 2 of my coursemates decided to quit because they cant adapt with the nature of my course and maybe our environment. friends are awesome but some of them making me headache bcoz of their annoying attitude. LIFE CHANGE. i still dream of to get my foundation life back. but the dream will always come true because time keeps moving. i almost give up sometimes with myself because of my progress here. i applied UiTM intake next year.and i really hope that ALLAH will show my some guidance so that i'll make the right decision.

lots of test, asgmnts and presentation need to be done in this 3 weeks. students love last minute preparation and so do i. and in this 3 weeks we have to be prepared to our final exam. not ready at alll.

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  1. Salam..
    perit hati kamu aisyah, hati kami turut berkongsi rasa..

    Sabar ye, Allah tahu kau miliki hati yang kuat, dan matang dalam segala hal..
    Semoga Allah berikan yang terbaik, bersabarlah ye.. :)
    Rindu kau sangat2...jaga diri tau, musim2 hujan macam ni..